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The Trustees of the Las Vegas Firefighters Health and Welfare Trust are pleased to welcome our members to the OneHealth network. Here you can search for medical providers and facilities that are in-network as part of your plan based on where you live.

Health Trust Contacts

For Workers Compensation Claims Contact:

City of Las Vegas Risk Management (702) 229-4011


Hometown Health

(844) 711-3473


- Verifies and quotes eligibility and benefits

- Process claims, answers claims questions

Prior Authorizations - Required of all hospitalizations and certain outpatient procedures

American Health Holding

(800) 641-5566

*Does not verify network status or benefits

Transition Care Program

Helps after hospitalization

(702) 534-6380

PATH Program

Coordinates wellness & elective care

(702) 825-5822

Medical Network (for residents of Nevada)

Southern - OneHealth

(702) 997-0079

Northern - Hometown Health

(844) 711-3473

Medical Network (outside of Nevada)

Non-NV residents use: PHCS Network
(800) 922-4362

NV residents traveling use: PHCS-HD
(800) 800-678-7427

Medical Network (for residents of Utah)

Primary Network in Utah

To find a provider, be sure to use the Network Care link. Not all EMI facilities and providers are in-network.

When in Southern Nevada: OneHealth

Utah residents traveling use: PHCS-HD
(800) 678-7427

Prescription Drug Plan


(866) 333-2757

Vision Plan

Davis Vision

(800) 999-5431

Dental/Orthodontic Network

Diversified Dental Services, Inc.

(866) 270-8326


Health/Substance Abuse Benefits

Behaviorial Healthcare Options, Inc. (BHO)

(800) 280-3782